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About Yoga Movement

This Web site is about finding yoga.

Our goal is to help you learn about yoga and to help direct you to the best Internet sources for yoga information.

We come from a journalistic background, not a yogic one. We are yoga students who have been trained as writers and editors to gather and communicate information. We hope that as we learn more about yoga and share our experiences, you will learn more about yoga, too.

Sherry Roberts is the editor of our site, and Tony Roberts is the wizard behind the electronic curtain. She says, "I want to do this," and he makes it possible. Both have degrees in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. They have worked in newspapers and magazines for years. Now they own The Roberts Group, a firm specializing in editorial, design, book production, and Web site development services. Sherry is the author of two novels: Maud's House a story about art and creativity; and Book of Mercy a funny look at a serious issue — censorship. 

Although Yoga Movement does collect e-mail addresses and other information for use on its links pages, such information is neither sold nor given away to outside sources. For details, see our privacy policy.

Yoga Movement includes reviews of books, videos, and yoga products throughout the site. If you would like your product considered for review on the site, you may send it to us at the address below. We make no guarantees when or whether any materials will be reviewed, and we are unable to return review materials that are sent to us.

Banner Advertising for yoga-related products on Yoga Movement is available. Please see our advertising rates and information.

Yoga Movement is operated by:

The Roberts Group
12803 Eastview Curve
Apple Valley, MN 55124

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