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Complete this form to add a link to Yoga Movement. You will be able to modify or update your link using your e-mail/password combination. Please limit the description of your site to 250 characters (about 40 words). We reserve the right to edit your site desription and category selection if necessary to provide accurate guidance to our visitors.

Do you operate a Yoga Center? If so, please list it on our Yoga Centers page.

Important Note: Sites added here should provide general information about yoga that would be of value to anyone in any geographic area. If your site's information mainly pertains to a descrete geographic area, please add your site to our Yoga Centers page.

We will list sites worldwide, but because we are not versed in foreign languages, we only list sites that are in English.

Sites that do not adhere to these guidelines or that are not specifically related to yoga will not be included in our listings.

NOTE: Please use normal sentence case in submitting your informaiton. Submissions written in all capital lettes will be deleted.

Your Name
Your E-mail Address
Name of Site
URL of Site
Description of Site
You may use up to 250 characters (about 40 words) for your description

Category: Select the single best category under which your site should be listed. (We plan to expand our category selection in the future. At that time you will have an opportunity to choose what may be a more appropriate category.)

Ashtanga (Power Yoga)*
General Yoga
Holistic Therapies
Vacations Retreats & Workshops
Yoga Book Publishers
Yoga Products
Yoga for Special Groups

Before adding your site to these categories, please make sure it provides substantial information that will advance the visitor's knowledge about this branch of yoga. If your site mainly details the programs at your yoga center, please add your listing to our yoga centers page instead.

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