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Welcome to the Yoga Movement Gift Shop

Here you'll find products that can enhance your yoga practice, make great gifts for yogis and friends, help you learn more about yoga, and assist you in bringing yoga into your life. Enjoy.

Yoga Books / Yoga is a never-ending search for knowledge and growth. These books will help you in your quest.

Yoga DVDs / It's time to get off the couch. These videos will help get you moving.

Yoga CDs / Music to relax by, to meditate with, to help your children fall to sleep.

  • Relaxation CDs. While you're in your post-shopping savasana, turn on a favorite music or relaxation CD. There are a number of music CDs for relaxation and meditation available through Amazon.com. Also check out yoga teacher Jillian Pransky's new CD called Relaxmore.
  • For Children Who Refuse to Snooze / CDs by Patti Teel use yoga techniques and soothing music to help youngsters relax and get the zzz's they desperately need.

Yoga Props & Accessories / Maybe you can do without this yoga stuff, but where's the fun in that? Mats, blocks, straps, fitness balls, sandbags, wedges, eye pillows, meditation pillows, and more.

Yoga Mats / Here's a great selection of yoga mats from MatsMatsMats.com.

Green Living / Gaiam offers products for the home that embrace healthy living: environmentally friendly cleaning products, compost buckets, Soy Toy (which makes fresh, healthy soymilk), lamps made of sustainably harvested bamboo, serenity-inducing water fountains, aromatherapy candles, natural and organic beds and linens (great for those prone to allergies), air fresheners, water purifiers, and much more.

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