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Yoga Resources

A compilation of articles, information, and ideas about yoga and meditation. If you'd like to share an article for this page, please e-mail Sherry.

Yoga Retreats: A Stress-free Vacation That Lasts / Yoga Movement writer Sherry Roberts reports on Jillian Pransky's Yoga in Paradise retreat in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and offers some tips for choosing a yoga retreat.

Na Balam Hotel Welcomes Yogis: One of the top beachfront hotels on Isla Mujeres is gaining a reputation as a great site for yoga retreats. 

Yoga Stuff

For Beginners



Yoga in Action

  • Waiting / The parent of a study abroad student ponders the yogic principle of letting go.
  • Fly the Blissful Skies / Using yoga to calm the fear of flying.

Yoga in the news

From Around the Yoga World

In our cyberwanderings, we came across these articles. They gave us a chuckle, expanded our awareness, answered our questions. We hope they do the same for you. Click on the article title and you will go straight to the site where the article is published. Enjoy and then come back to Yoga Movement for more valuable info.


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