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Yoga Parties Offer a New Healthy Way to Celebrate

Yoga birthday parties, yoga cocktail parties, yoga bridal parties, yoga book-club parties. Yoga parties are a growing phenomenon as more and more people choose a healthy alternative to the hung-over-next-morning bashes. Yoga teachers see yoga parties as a sign of yoga's increasing popularity and expansion into the mainstream as well as an indication that people are looking for ways to reduce stress and touch their spirituality. Parties are held in homes or yoga centers.

Party-goers come dressed in comfortable clothes and ready to celebrate themselves. What better way to enjoy yoga than by sharing it with your friends and topping it off with perhaps a massage or spa treatment (whatever the hostess has lined up) and a light meal? The yoga teacher brings the candles, music, sometimes even mats. Ask your yoga teacher about doing private parties. Yogis report that they leave parties relaxed and full of energy - and they don't wake up the next morning bleary eyed and reaching for the aspirin bottle.

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