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We invite you to become a part of Yoga Movement. We created this site not just to talk about the practice of yoga but to discuss the whole movement toward starting, understanding, and progressing along the inner journey. We don't own a yoga center or produce a line of yoga products. We simply went to a yoga class one day and became hooked.

We're probably much like you - we have children, pets, mortgages, jobs. And some days we desperately need a moment to ourselves. We have found those moments in the yoga room. As we strain in pretzel postures, we come to realize that we are not just taking a break from the fast paces of our lives; we are starting an inner journey.

Are you looking for inner peace, health, longevity? Yoga Movement is your resource to the world of yoga, meditation, and other tools useful for the inner journey. We have tried to gather as many useful tools as we can in one place so you don't have to wander the Web, in growing frustration, (and undoing all the blissful work you did in yoga class) to find information.

Welcome to Yoga Movement. Your path to enlightenment about yoga on the Web. Visit us as often as you like and explore our pages as we continually share with you our experiences and findings on yoga.

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